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Torn or stretched earlobes? Earmark! specializes in earlobe restoration so you can get back to looking the way you want. In Meridian, Idaho, the Earmark! team offers earlobe repair services in the Boise, Idaho, area. If your earlobes are torn or stretched, schedule your consultation online at Earmark! today.

Earlobe Restoration Q & A

What is earlobe restoration?

The pain of stretching your ears seemed like a bearable trade-off for trendy stretched earlobes in your teens or twenties or beyond, for some folks. Unlike regular ear piercings, stretched lobes will not always return to their normal state without some intervention. The size of the holes may go down a bit after you take out your jewelry, but they won’t retain their normal, pre-stretched look.

As an adult in the professional world, having permanent, large holes in your earlobes isn’t always the best look. Earlobe repair procedures are in-office surgeries that reconstruct torn or stretched earlobes.

Why might I need earlobe restoration?

As you age, your skin loses the collagen that keeps its structure, and your stretched lobes begin to sag and look thin, even tearing in some cases. When this happens, it becomes difficult or impossible for them to hold the jewelry that inspired you to stretch them in the first place.

Some patients opt for earlobe repair for personal preference reasons alone, but others must repair their lobes for their jobs. The military, police, and other employers require that your earlobes are not stretched, so it’s essential for you to fix them before you start.



What should I expect at my appointment for earlobe repair?

Once you schedule your earlobe repair appointment, there are a few things that you can expect to help you prepare. At your appointment, your provider:

  • Numbs your earlobes with an anesthetic
  • Makes an incision in the connected part of each lobe
  • Stitches your earlobes to repair them

The procedure is quick — it lasts for about 10-15 minutes. Your earlobes remain numb for two hours, but you can go back to your normal day. Your earlobes may swell for up to three weeks after the repair procedure.


Will my earlobes look normal after the repair?

After they’re repaired, you’ll be able to see the stitches in your earlobes for roughly a week. Once the swelling goes down, you may be able to see the scar that’s formed on each earlobe. Some scars heal so well that they’re nearly invisible. Others are slight and can only be seen up close.

While there’s no way to predict if your earlobes will have visible scars, their shape will look normal and you can pierce them again (beside the scar) if you choose to.

If your earlobes are torn or stretched, schedule an appointment online at Earmark! to have them repaired and rejuvenated.